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Calling all foodies! Snabb is a revolutionary app that allows you to instantly locate a variety of food trucks nearby and order delivery or pickup from your favorites at your fingertips.

snabb food delivery

What is Snabb

Locate Food Trucks

Finding food trucks near you have never been easier! We know that sometimes it can be hard to keep track of the locations of your favorite food trucks. But we at Snabb has figured that out: all our food truck locations are updated instantly!

Food delivery/ Pickup

From food truck to your door, delicious food is just one Snabb away. If you are watching Netflix at home and craving tacos from your go-to food truck, no worries. At Snabb, we make food truck food delivery easy, reliable and fast. Pickup is also available, just in case you want to skip the line!

Give Ratings and Reviews

Sharing is caring. Why make food delivery a solitary and isolated experience when you can share your foodie journey with all of your friends? The Snabb app allows you to unleash your inner foodie and share your unique food truck experiences with Snabbers who appreciate them.
Keep an eye out for new app features!

How  to use the app

Find your go-to food truck

Instant updates on where your favorite food trucks are in your neighborhood or anywhere in the nation

Order whatever you want

You can either get your go-to food truck favorites delivered or choose the "Pickup" option to skip the line
snabb food delivery

Contact-free payment

Simply pay with your credit card  to complete the order, no cash exchange is needed

Sit Back and chill

After you have completed your order, all you have to do is... nothing! Let Snabb handle all the foot work - from the food truck's kitchen directly to your door!

A Revolution for food trucks lovers

We are living in the age of "overchoice". Delivery apps tend to bombard you with loads of information and make choosing what to eat an actual twenty-first century dilemma. Snabb hopes to help users solve this dilemma. Our app features a minimalistic user interface that helps to make ordering food food trucks as easy as ABC.

We are more than a delivery app!

At Snabb, we not only value the convenience, we value human interactions and transparency. We allow our users (Snabbers) to interact with each others using the app and share their insights on food trucks. We also make those food reviews public to ensure the quality of our food trucks and the authenticity of the reviews. Snabb is the real deal.

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